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  • Detailed Course Outline
  • Skilled & Talented Instructors
  • Personalized, Hands-On Teaching Approach

Chicago Esthetician Training Classes

Benefit from the Skill of Our Licensed Estheticians

Does the field of advanced skin care interest you? Would you like to enroll in top-notch courses under the guidance of experienced professionals? At SpaDerma, we are skilled in the most advanced techniques in skin care and laser treatments. If you are interested in our courses and would like to learn more about what we have to offer you, call us now at (773) 529-5277. All courses are held at our new West Loop location; 1048 W. Madison St.

We provide our students with various top-notch classes, such as the following:

  • Esthetician training courses
  • Chicago light therapy courses
  • Chicago laser therapy courses

When you enroll in one of our classes, you will have the opportunity to learn a huge variety of skills. These include procedures such as laser hair removal, tattoo removal, laser resurfacing, vein therapy, and acne therapy, just to name a few. Our Chicago esthetician training classes are engaging, informative, and provide you with the necessary experience and knowledge to further your career.

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Imagine being certified in a skill that will allow you to treat acne, cellulite, unwanted hair, leg veins, loose skin, and many other skin issues! Our courses are comprehensive in a number of essential skills needed for any esthetician. Learn all these skills from our team—we boast over 50 years of combined experience in our field!

Many aspects set apart our courses, including:

  • Our detailed course outlines
  • Our personalized instruction
  • Our safe and proven methods
  • Our hands-on teaching approach
  • Our skilled and talented instructors

Our class sizes are small, in order to provide the opportunity for as much individualized instruction as possible. We are eager to meet with you! To benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our board certified instructors, get in touch with our Chicago office today. Call us at (773) 529-5277 to get started.

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